SME Solutions Group provides Project Management consulting to a variety of companies. Our Project Managers provide services as a single point of contact assisting with the delivery of projects to meet your business objectives. SME will manage the day-to-day activities of deliverables, ensure the quality of the team’s work, manage role expertise and competencies, as well as support agile and lean methodologies and tools.

Let our team of experts help your business manage its project lifecycle with:

  • Project Structuring – Organizing the activities into manageable work
  • Project Planning – Ensuring that appropriate timing, resources, and sequencing of the work efforts are aligned to produce timely results
  • Project Reporting – Monitoring project activities and reporting on status
  • Project Controlling – Identifying and managing potential scope changes, risks, and issues

  • Project Close – Documenting and analyzing lessons learned and validating the completion of the project.

Let SME help manage your next big project.