SME Solutions Group specializes in design and manage planning processes to improve the overall proficiency of the team we are assisting.  Many other consulting companies will work on improving a specific process, but SME works not only on the project at hand, but with the individual in-house teams to ensure they have the ability draw on a full array of related process improvement skills in the future.  

Our Subject Matter Experts will assist in teaching techniques such as:

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  • Situation analysis and assessment
  • Business planning
  • Process Measurement
  • Analysis and Design Of Experiments (DOE)
  • Project Management
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Information flow analysis
  • Procedure & Policy development & revision
  • Technical Procedure Writing
  • Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, and Waterfall Methodologies
  • Change Management
  • Key Performance Indicators & Metric Development
  • Division & Individual Performance Management Tool Adoption
  • Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Productivity Increase & Cost Reduction

At SME, we strive to create a single version of the truth for our our clients.