Implementing solutions that hone in on most impactful Smart Grid information, apply data science and analysis to derive actionable insight. With Oracle DataRaker, SME Solutions Group helps businesses to streamline operations, protect important assets, reduce O & M, and deliver reliable results:

Oracle Data Raker

  • Transform AMI Meter data into intelligent actions with minimal human involvement
  • Identify AMI Network weakness through Consumption Reading analysis
  • Intelligent Revenue Protection algorithms that create High Confidence field visits
  • Reconcile transformer level and smart meter data to monitor performance
  • Predictive Analytics that identify transformer overload and failures, reducing occurrence of outages
  • Intuitive user interface provides meter and network performance dashboard
  • Customized analytics help reduce potential safety hazards including gas leaks, water leaks, and overheated meters
  • Reduced potential cost of damages ad write-offs from unaccounted commodity usage

At SME, we strive to create a single version of the truth for our our clients.