SME Solutions Group specializes in the design and tailoring of Data Governance best practices to an organization’s individual needs and business goals. We can help assure the alignment of Governance and strategic business goals to gain traction while enchancing BI Maturity.

One of the most important factors in successful Data Governance is people. A typical Data Governance Team will consist of Data Owner(s), Data Steward(s), and Data Custodian(s). All of these roles work together to determine ownership and facilitation of organization-wide Data Literacy.

Our Subject Matter Experts will assist in:

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  • Identifying the BI Maturity model that best suits your organization
  • Understanding the common drivers for Data Governance such as compliance 
  • Monitoring, Measuring and Certifying your data
  • Developing a Data Strategy
  • Empowering CDOs and CIOs with trusting their data
  • Assigning and Managing Governance Team roles
  • Facilitating collaborative efforts between the Governance Team and Stakeholders
  • Naming your Organization’s Data Citizens
  • Balancing IT and the Business with the need for Self-Service

At SME, we strive to create a single version of the truth for our our clients.