Transform years of planting and yield data to executive dashboards that align to  key performance indicators (KPIs).  View you data in real time for actionable results, like which locations are getting too much or too little fertilizer.


SME has a structured approach to support organizations with the operational skills necessary for optimizing shutdown and outage management.


SME can help you improve decision making, cut costs, and identify new business opportunities. Image utilizing dashboards to learn more about your market saturation.


SME Health gives healthcare providers insight into the vast amount of clinical, patient, and financial data and analytics by integrating business intelligence solutions.


Manage inventory, sales performance, and accounts receivable all within one application at the click of a button.

Sports and Entertainment

Picture visualizing ticket sales from high level season views or as granular as single game ticket data and then automating the revenue reports and distributing it to entire department.  


Successful integration with all key departments and capabilities associated with a robust Smart Meter/Smart Grid initiative including Meter to Cash processes.