Data storage and processing is the heartbeat of business intelligence.

From cloud capabilities to real-time computing, SME partners with applications that have the computational power to work with terabytes, even petabytes of data. 


Technology Trends

While the concept of data as an asset may not be new, up until now it has been difficult to make a reality. Recent changes in technology, however, are changing the way we work with data, making it easier for us to change it into an actionable asset for the business.

Trend Led Impacts​

Taking complete advantage of data requires a new approach that will yield a number of meaningful business benefits.

​When leading companies take complete advantage of data, they can drive significant impact to how they operate and compete in the market..

Traditional platforms focus on managing the infrastructure, not the data

Whether they are on-premises, or cloud solutions ported from legacy on-premises technology, in all likelihood, your team is spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with low value tasks. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

Across all of these areas (infrastructure, physical design, query tuning, availability & maintenance) lies an endless number of parameters to set and “knobs to turn”. Time spent doing that is time not doing what your company needs: actually working with data!

Traditional Data Sharing

​In the current state, to collaborate on data, you had to move it across environments. You would grab files from FTP servers, scrape APIs, use ETL tools, or setup different data marts to grant teams access to data. These data pipelines were costly and time-consuming to build and maintain. It was not secure, because once data moved, it was out of your control. And data was delayed by design.

Improved Data Sharing

​In the future state, with Snowflake’s secure data sharing, multiple consumers can be granted access to a single copy of the data. There’s no copying, or moving data, and no delays. 

This results in the following business outcomes: faster, more efficient data pipelines, quicker insights, and tighter collaboration and more integrated business processes with other BUs, partners, suppliers or customers.

SME's Data Storage and Processing Partners


Snowflake modernizes your data infrastructure by moving all your data to one of the most trusted cloud providers

Where Snowflake really shines is with auto scaling technology and its ability to separate storage from compute.What if you just need to have data that exists in the data warehouse, but you're not accessing it? Well, you only pay for storage. There's no compute to be to be paid for.

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Whether your data is a million rows or a trillion rows, we are able to ingest it into our database and query on it in real time with SingleStore.

SingleStore allows you to store data on both disk and in memory, while also being able to deploy on premise, in the cloud, in containers, or as a managed service.

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Amazon S3 Database

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 offers a lightweight, low cost solution for storing data of any type.

SME partners with Amazon S3 because of the vast number of connectors which makes the process of connecting to any data source very easy. S3 is a cost-efficient data storage solution because they offer tiered pricing depending on how you plan on utilizing your data lake.

Our Other BI Value Quadrants

Data Integration and Automation

Data value is derived from it being real-time, automated, and easily integrated in minimal time. From heterogeneous sources that include production databases, data warehouses, SAP, and mainframe systems, to flat files and SaaS applications; we deliver to all major target platforms. Learn more about what our Data Integration and Automation solutions provide.

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Data Governance and Literacy

Without Data Governance and Literacy, the insights that are hidden in your data become limited. SME Solutions Group works to build data-driven cultures by implementing our Data Governance and Literacy solutions. We choose to work with partners that provide data glossaries, data catalogs, and other data management systems that help uncover the true insights in your data.

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Data Analytics and Science

Make data a key business asset. SME consults by assessing your current business landscape, data ecosystem, and business processes and guiding you through recommendations. We offer Data Analytics and Science solutions that allow you to ask relevant and contextual questions without the reliance of IT, because we believe that every business should have a goal to become data-driven.

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