Universal, no-code data connector

Precog offers one solution for connecting all sources and destinations

  1. Any Source - From structured to semi-structured data, SaaS to Marketing data, we have you covered
  2. Any User - The user experience never changes regardless of the data complexity
  3. Any Destination - Stream your data directly from Snowflake to ThoughtSpot automatically 

Pushing HubSpot data directly into ThoughtSpot

In this demo, we demonstrate how easy it is to connect SME's HubSpot environment directly to ThoughtSpot without the data needing to be staged or at rest.

Postgres to Snowflake Demo

In this demo, we show how to move data out of a relational database like Postgres and into Snowflake's cloud data warehouse.

Moving Data From MemSQL to ThoughtSpot

In this video, we show how easy it is to connect MemSQL, a real time OLTP database, to ThoughtSpot. By harnessing the power of Precog and SME's Data Movement Services, we take advantage of the amazing speed of both MemSQL and ThoughtSpot.

Our Team Understands The Limitations of Traditional ETL tools.

ETL tools often require you to build complex data pipelines. With SME's Data Movement Services, our team of experts make the process simple, fast, and correct every time. 

"Yes, we work with that."

Between data lakes like AWS S3 and Kafka to databases like Postgres and even beyond to SaaS tools like HubSpot and Marketo, SME's Data Movement Services has you covered.

Precog Data Sources

DMS Destinations

Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, MemSQL, Qlik, Power BI, DataRobot, and Amazon Redshift are just a few of the many destinations SME can help you connect to in a matter of minutes.

Precog Data Destinations