SME Sets the benchmark for 3rd generation analytic platforms

Empower Everyone to Make Data-Driven Decisions

This allows your organization to support a full range of users and use-cases across the life-cycle from data to insight – self-service analytics, interactive dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting and alerting. 

It augments and enhances human intuition with AI-powered insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction. And it offers unmatched performance and governance, with the convenience of SaaS and the choice of multi-cloud and on-premises, for the most demanding enterprises.

Key Components

Data Science - Identifies patterns, trends, correlations, and outliers, and makes future predictions.

Machine Intelligence - Suggests insights to broaden perspective and lower bias, simplifies interaction.​

Human Intuition - Brings real world context and "gut feel" that can't be replaced by machines.​

Use Cases for Data Integration

Common Analytical Goals

Augment - Augment human intuition with AI-powered insight suggestions, automation, and natural-language interaction.

Support - Support the full range of users and use cases across the data and analytics life-cycle.

Performance - Offer unmatched performance and governance with the convenience of SaaS or on-premises deployment.

Use Cases for Data Integration

Harnessing Self-Service Analytics

SME supports both self-service and guided analytics and can help your organization find the perfect mix.

Since seeing is believing, we invite you to watch this demo where we showcase the best of self-service analytics while still maintaining the structure and order of a solid guided analytics platform.​

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3rd Wave of Business Intelligence

When you combine true Subject Matter Experts with modern BI technology, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

SME's team of experts have helped organizations analyze billions of rows of data with sub-second results. This in turn leads to data-driven discoveries and true data democratization. Our clients are reporting decreased time to value, increased user adoption, and most importantly, increased ROI.​

Use Cases for Data Integration

SME Can Help You

Need Data Lead Answers Faster?

Does your team have access to data, but cannot produce dashboards at the rate that data is coming in without IT reliance?

Dashboard creation should extend to any user that works with data. With search-bar simplicity, we help organizations not only empower their employees to ask data-driven questions, but also get their answers as quickly as they ask. The result is less reliance on IT and data analysts to constantly create new visualizations.

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Connect Your Data Sources, Painlessly

Does your team want a modern BI tool, but are reluctant to build a data warehouse?

We have helped many organizations connect their data warehouses with other BI tools with no risk of data security or data scaling

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Import and Export Data With Ease

Is your data too complex to find the true outliers?

With our years of expertise, we know how to simplify, automate, and streamline your data so you can get real value from it.

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Our Other BI Value Quadrants

Data Storage And Processing

Finding the right Data Storage and Processing solution can result in better flexibility in scaling and workload management, better control of the cost of storage and computing, and a better source of your data that allows for real-time analysis and reporting. Learn how SME consults on finding the right strategies, objectives and activities to fulfill your strategic plan.

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Data Integration and Automation

Data value is derived from it being real-time, automated, and easily integrated in minimal time. From heterogeneous sources that include production databases, data warehouses, SAP, and mainframe systems, to flat files and SaaS applications; we deliver to all major target platforms. Learn more about what our Data Integration and Automation solutions provide.

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Data Governance and Literacy

Without Data Governance and Literacy, the insights that are hidden in your data become limited. SME Solutions Group works to build data-driven cultures by implementing our Data Governance and Literacy solutions. We choose to work with partners that provide data glossaries, data catalogs, and other data management systems that help uncover the true insights in your data.

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SME'S DATA Analytics and Science PARTNERS


ThoughtSpot was built on the concept of search at scale.

ThoughtSpot gives you the ability to search your data through a Google-like search bar. It's comprehensive AI platform SpotIQ asks questions behind the scenes to bring anomalies and insights to the forefront.

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Big Squid


BigSquid is a cloud-based data science and machine learning software.

BigSquid's Kraken simplifies and automates data prep and cleaning, algorithm selection, model training and tuning, and model deployment.

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Qlik has made a name for itself as one of the leaders in the analytics space through QlikView and Qlik Sense platforms.

In addition to the pixel perfect dashboard and reporting features, Qlik is constantly adding new products and solutions to their platform, making it even more comprehensive for the entire BI suite

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Power BI from Microsoft offers interactive, immersive dashboards.

If your company already uses Microsoft products, integration is powerful with the Microsoft Power platform, Office 365 Dynamics, or hosting in Azure. You get the most out of these tools with a low-cost solution like Power BI.

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BOS Explorer

Blue Orbit Solutions

Blue Orbit Solutions develop prepackaged dashboard solutions that help provide new insights into an organization's most pressing challenges./p>

Blue Orbit Solutions aim to lower implementation risks and decrease time-to-value through the data visualization solutions they provide.

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Vizlib creates value added products for Qlik Sense in the way that you can extend the platform to do more than just dashboarding.

Vizlib beautifully extends the Qlik Sense platform and allow you to do things that were never thought imaginable.

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