Join SME and PlatformManager as we discuss one of the keys to a successful BI strategy – Application Governance.

There are three elements that determine BI success:

  • An innovative BI solution
  • Data Governance
  • Application Governance

Qlik is a great BI solution with an associative engine and working in-memory architecture that allows users to quickly analyze large amounts of data.

But the application is just as important as the data and the solution. If the data is reliable but the application is not, the result is unreliable.

Stop losing time in the development or deployment process. Focus on the result and start using Application Governance.

During this 20 minute webinar we will:

  • Demo PlatformManager’s Application Governance
  • Provide tips on avoiding the pitfalls of simultaneous development
  • Share how PlatformManager and SME is impacting current Qlik users