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SME Solutions Group has worked closely with industry leaders for two decades. We partner with institutions to control risk and regulatory challenges, improve business operations, enhance value and increase overall performance.

  • BI Integration

    SME can leverage your business data to gain insight with the use of reporting applications and dashboards that will drive successful operational strategic decisions.

  • Data Analytics

    SME provides skilled analysts who understand the technologies and requirements necessary for identifying strategies to improve the quality of business operations.

  • Operational Guidance

    SME supports LEAN and AGILE methodologies to ensure projects stay within scope, budget, and schedule.

Does your company have more data than they know what to do with?

Is your data more BS than BI?

Bring some intelligence to your data with SME Solutions Group. At SME, we strive to create a single version of the truth for our clients.  We bridge the gap between strategy, execution and sustainability for our clients.  Our goal is to deliver personalized business analytics, project management, and process improvement.  You can count on our Subject Matter Experts to deliver the solutions to overcome your business challenges.

What others say about us

SME continues to do a tremendous job for OUC. They say they will produce value and results and they actually do. It is impressive how the SME Team integrated with our team and helped drive OUC’s understanding of big data. SME is a great asset to us as we continue to build on our relationship and utilize their services.

Jerry Sullivan Vice President and Chief Information OfficerOrlando Utilities Commission

The Qlik Sense environment provides the tax collector’s office with the tools necessary to continue to enhance customer service and ensure effective utilization and deployment of our resources. The experts at SME Solutions Group made sure our environment was developed properly the first time. From server configurations and data modeling, all the way through application deployment and governance, we are confident that we have the best practices in place to provide a long term business intelligence solution that meets our expectations and future growth needs.

Brenden Chiaramonte Hillsborough County Tax Collector

SME was extremely helpful to OUC in our DataRaker implementation. Almost immediately after their arrival, hit rates and ROI increased as a result of their experience with the tool and ability to drive results as a liaison between the utility and DataRaker personnel. Additionally, adoption rates for DataRaker usage increased significantly, due to SME’s diligence in educating & training employees in multiple areas. I appreciate their focus on the client as well as their realistic and logical approach to implementation consulting.

Eddie Fee, Jr. OUC – The Reliable One

During my 5 years working with Chris I appreciated his efforts to deliver consistent improvements in quality and efficiency.
Chris led the drive for continuous improvement in our processes while maintaining a sharp focus on all our key indicators; Production, Safety, Environmental Compliance, and meeting Budget Targets. Chris also recognized the importance of input from all the team to ensure that the key ideas were owned by the staff and fully evaluated at both the implementation and execution phase. Chris’ passion to operate the plant efficiently was also linked with initiatives to reduce the company’s exposure to risk in regards to safety for the employees and operating the plant well within environmental permit limits.

Eric Poff NextEra Energy

I can count on Chris and SME Solutions to get the work done.

Sophie XuPECO

As the Director of Processing Operations, I need to know about the work flow that comes in and out of our processing center. While the numbers have always been there, they were not readily available or consumable. With SME’s BI integration, we truly work smarter not harder. Instead of spending time manually running reports, with a few clicks into our dashboard I can see everything down to monthly or daily work center data. I will admit that my management team and I were overly joyful when this capability came to us, because instead of searching for reports or compiling the numbers we now have them at our fingertips.

Charlotte LukeHillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office

SME Solutions proved to be an invaluable asset during the QLIK Sense implementations at Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.  But we have found that what makes SME special is what happens after implementation.  They helped PEC foster relationships in the QLIK community and continued to provide support that will ensure the success of QLIK as our enterprise analytics tool.

Bobby Bryant Pedernales Electric Cooperative

SME Solutions Group has been partnering with Feld since we first launched our Business Intelligence and Data Discovery program over a year ago. We continue to work with them as our BI program expands due to their experience and proven track record helping companies grow and expand with an attention to business process and road mapping for long-term success. SME supported all software development and training aspects of the Qlik Sense product, and we have continued to work with SME because they understand our goals and have helped us get there faster while training our team along the way.

Michael AmentaFeld Entertainment, Inc.

The experience of working with SME could not have been more fluid, easy or productive. SME came prepared with an agenda/objective to our calls and were self-starters when it came to utilizing our connector. SME is an ideal partner to work with!

Josh LaSovTactical Cloud

Since the creation of the Chamber’s Vision 2026 plan, we knew that a core focus would be on making data driven decisions and with SME’s help we are doing just that. Not only has the quality of our data improved but also our speed of decision making. Month end reporting that used to take 2 weeks is now automated and always available. SME has helped the Chamber revolutionize how we view data and has become a trusted partner of ours.

Karen ArnoldChief Operating OfficerGreater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

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